Terry Hays

artist/scenic artist


Throughout my career as an artist, scenic artist, and educator

my own personal work has followed a never ending path

in search of defining and redefining the urban and rural

landscape that exists around me. The extraordinary color,

texture and pattern of our contemporary landscape

coupled with the constant and ever changing cycle of decline

and rebirth creates an elusive architectural and natural

phenomenon that continues to be the overriding theme

in my elaborately painted sculpture.


With a broad assortment of influences from various

cultures - Australia, Indonesia, NewGuinea, China and

Japan - as well as an interest in the popular imagery

used in street art, graffiti and full body tattoos, I cut, enlarge, crop and tape together various bits and pieces of information in an attempt to create a new and exciting visual language. My work has become a statement about painting in a world dominated by new media. A statement about attempting to create the extraordinary or phenomenal versus following the path of least resistance. A statement about commitment. A statement about discipline. A statement about what the everyday activity of an artist really is.”